R.M. Lautner is the luckiest man on this planet. He has a beautiful wife, good kids, an exciting intercontinental lifestyle, and a successful business. There is nothing more he could possibly want, so like any decent person in his position he has decided to give something back to this world that has given him so much.

His writing, while entertaining and exciting, also conveys a very profound and important message about our role in the universe as an intelligent species.

He lives with his family somewhere on Planet Earth where he is currently working on his next novel.

Deranged Maniacs of Post-Soviet Mars: The Meaning of Intelligent Life
When the first human colonizing mission landed on Mars in 1980, it was the beginning of the thriving Martian society we know today.

Sixty-three years later, in 2043, secret agent Florina, a deranged maniac rejected from her native Earth, arrives on a top secret mission.

Unable to control her pyromaniac inclinations, she soon finds herself a wanted criminal and the target of a manhunt by Martian police.

While on her quest to uncover the key to realize the meaning of intelligent life, she and her demented new Martian friends leave behind a trail of destruction on their insane sex-and-violence-filled run from the authorities.

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Coming soon: NARUEMONIA

A message from R.M. Lautner
I took up writing as a way to get a very important concept across, Paramount Obligationism. The problem with getting something like this across is that it's very hard to get people to listen to something that to many people may seem dull and uninteresting. Sooo... I decided to deliver this important lesson with a healthy dose of sex comedy, ultra violence, and just general insanity. I hope you enjoy reading my book as much as enjoyed writing it.

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